Hello Cambridge Democrats and Friends, 

Warm weather seems to be here - Finally!  Hope you all are getting excited for the Convention next month! The CDCC has one more official meeting before a break in July and August. However, stay tuned for a CDCC picnic and other Election related activities during the summer! 

 At our next meeting, May 26th at 7pm on Zoom, we will approve the budget ((Proposed 2022 Budget) and hear from Jonathan Cohn on the Fair Share Amendment and ways to get involved before the November Election. 

 Register for May 26th Meeting at 7pm Here

The zoom room will open at 6:30pm for Wards to meet 


  1. Call of the roll
  2. Approval of the minutes of the January and April meetings. 
  3. Reports of Officers
    1. Budget approval (Proposed 2022 Budget)
  4. Program

Jonathan Cohn presenting on Fair Share Amendment 

Fairshare Web Banner 2The Fair Share Amendment is a proposal to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, creating an additional tax of four percentage points on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million. The new revenue, approximately $2 billion a year, would be spent on “quality public education and affordable public colleges and universities, and for the repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and public transportation.” To ensure that the amendment continues to apply only to the highest income taxpayers, who have the ability to pay more, the $1 million threshold would be adjusted each year to reflect cost-of-living increases. (source)

Jonathan Cohn is the Policy Director at Progressive Massachusetts, a statewide multi-issue grassroots advocacy organization, as well as the MetroNorth Coordinator for the Fair Share for MA campaign. The Fair Share ballot initiative, which will appear on the November 2022 ballot, would add a 4% surtax to income over $1 million in order to create a dedicated funding source for public education and transportation infrastructure in the Commonwealth .

For more information - visit their website: Fair Share Amendment 

  1. Announcements
  2. Adjournment  

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Elizabeth Baldwin