Come join us in making our future brighter.

If you'd like to help swing this election in the direction of hope,
please join us canvassing in New Hampshire or making phone calls weekday evenings in Cambridge.

We can win this election if we keep ourselves focused on hope and the future. Please join us
working together to elect Hillary Clinton as president and Maggie Hassan as Senator.

No experience necessary. We will train you. Scroll down to see the latest schedule.


Preparing to canvass


Canvasses in southern New Hampshire

If you can, please bring a car.

This Week

Next Week

Phone banks in Cambridge to recruit volunteers

Please bring your cell phone/charger.

From your phone to voters in swing states

  • Almost anytime
    Choose Florida to have the most impact. Pennsylvania is also important.
    Location: Anywhere you have phone service

Help us win in November by canvassing or phone banking now.


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