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Presidential Campaigns

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Selection of Candidates for Election Commissioner
Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 7:00pm
Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass. Ave.

All politics is local (more about that below!) — but you also have national politics on the brain, right?

So after we take care of Election Commissioner business on Thursday (again more about that below) we will hear from all six of the competitive presidential campaigns!

Closing arguments from the top six presidential campaigns

Now calm down, we have none of the actual candidates. We're not miracle workers, people.

But the six candidates who participated in the last Democratic debate in Las Vegas are all sending surrogates to make their final pitch for your vote before the Massachusetts Presidential Primary next Tuesday, March 3. Each campaign will present a short closing argument, and then we will have a question-and-answer period for all the campaign representatives.

OK, now let's get local.

Cambridge's own Tip O'Neil, the longest continuously serving Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, was fond of saying that "all politics is local." One of our most important responsibilities as Cambridge Democrats is intensely local — it falls to us to select candidates for the office of Cambridge Democratic Election Commissioner. This is local politics at its finest and most pure, as we are entrusted with helping to maintain the integrity of elections here in Cambridge.

All Politics Is Local Vote web

Following the public hearing held on Feb. 12, the Cambridge Democratic City Committee will meet on Feb. 27th and vote to select ranked choices for a four-year term on the Cambridge Election Commission. The city manager will choose the next election commissioner from this list.

Questionnaire responses were submitted by two candidates, Gary Mello and Larry Ward, and both candidates appeared at the public hearing held on Feb. 12th. The questionnaire and the submitted responses are available as PDF files:

2020 Election Commissioner Candidate Questionnaire
Gary Mello Responses
Larry Ward Responses and Resume

When and Where:

Thursday, February 27 at 7:00pm (wards may meet at 6:30)
Lesley University Hall, 1815 Mass. Ave.


I. Approve minutes of previous meeting
II. Officer reports
III. Unfinished business — endorsement resolution
IV. Selection of Election Commissioner candidates
V. Program — presidential campaigns
VI. Announcements
VII. Adjourn

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