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George Floyd mural

Photo by munshots

Today Congressional Democrats introduced the Justice in Policing Act of 2020. In the midst of worldwide outrage at the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, this is one of the first concrete steps proposed in response to these law enforcement atrocities. Although we do not know whether this particular legislation will become law or even if it should, we welcome this action as a step in the right direction.

But police brutality, as egregious and appalling as it is, forms just one piece of the apparatus of systemic racism that stretches to every corner of our society, assaulting Black Americans in every aspect of life. Whether the topic is income, schooling, health care, housing, or simple personal safety, racism is there and in control.

As the face of the Democratic Party in Cambridge, the Cambridge Democrats are here for the long fight. Our most important contributions as political activists will be:

  • To help remove the people from power who stand in the way of reform, like Donald Trump and his allies. This involves working on campaigns (virtually this year!), phoning, texting, emailing, talking to friends and neighbors, and helping to get out the vote come election time.
  • Having helped elect good people to positions of power, holding their feet to the fire through advocacy to help ensure that the worldwide passion for racial equity and justice does not dissipate.

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