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Election Day! 

Get Out The Vote


Get Out The Vote Phone Banks

Today, Election Day Nov. 3:
2pm–4pm, 4pm–6pm and 6pm–8pm


GOTV Phone Banks: Click Here to Sign Up


How do we help voters?
We call them on the phone.

You can too — let us show you how!


Cambridge Dems convene on Zoom before making calls

(OK, but I hate phone banking. I don't know how. I'd like to help, but I'm pretty nervous about it…)

We hear you. You're not the first or the only one to feel that way — so the friendly folks at Cambridge for Biden/Harris start each phone bank with a training session for newcomers. Here's the whole scoop:

Phone bank details:

  • After you sign up, you will get a confirmation email and then another on the day of the phone bank with a link to a Zoom training session run by Cambridge for Biden volunteers. This email will provide important info about the phone bank calls that you can review before the session. If you are already trained you can participate in the intro, skip the training, and go make calls immediately.
  • We use the national Biden campaign’s ThruTalk Dialer to call voters identified by the Biden campaign in crucial battleground states. You will need a phone (cell or landline) and a computer to participate but your personal phone number will not be displayed during the calling. Chrome or Firefox browser please — Safari and Internet Explorer aren't supported.


GOTV in New Hampshire
Going Old School!
(but Covid safe)

Here's your chance to do some old fashioned Get Out The Vote door knocking in New Hampshire.

Maura Pensak of the Cambridge for Biden/Harris team is organizing this fun and effective effort to reach voters we haven’t been able to contact by phone or text. We will wear masks and keep our distance to be covid-safe.

We will hit the streets in NH for two-hour shifts — total time commitment is about four hours including travel time to and from Cambridge.

On Tuesday - ELECTION DAY - we will knock doors to Get Out The Vote.
Two-hour shifts begin at 10 AM and continue at noon, 2, 4 and 6 PM.

To sign up, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put NH GOTV in the subject line. Maura will be in touch with details (although if you haven't touched base with her already, no guarantees now that election day is here).


Use Drop Boxes To Return Your Mail-In Ballots


Cambridge Ballot Drop Box

If you have a mail-in ballot but haven't returned it yet, don't put it in the mail if you can help it — the Postal Service can't guarantee it will arrive in time. Instead, use one of the six official ballot drop box locations in Cambridge:

  • City Hall - Near the back door of the building located at 795 Massachusetts Avenue
  • Morse School - Near the front entrance of the building located at 40 Granite Street
  • Cambridge Police Headquarters - Left-side of the front of the building located at 125 6th Street*
    *Please be advised due to sidewalk construction the drop box located at the Police Headquarters has been moved from the right-side of the front entrance to the left-side of the front entrance
  • Maria L. Baldwin School - Right-side of the Oxford Street entrance of the building located at 28 Sacramento Street
  • O’Neill Library - Adjacent to the entrance stairs of the building located at 70 Rindge Avenue
  • Coffon Building - Right-side of the front of the building located at 51 Inman Street

The drop boxes will be open from 7am—8pm today, Election Day — the boxes will close when the polls close at 8pm.

If you are unable to get to a drop box for whatever reason and can't vote in person, put your ballot in the mail today anyway — ballots postmarked today will be counted if they are received by the Election Commission on or before Fri. Nov. 6th.

If you mailed your ballot, you can check to be sure it was received and accepted at TrackMyBallotMA.comIf it hasn't been received by election day or was rejected, you can still vote in person on Tuesday! 

If you're voting in person today, check Cambridge's Voting in the 2020 Elections page to find your polling location — some locations have been moved.

Vote in person or use a drop box — no matter how you do it, vote vote vote!



No wishing Cambridge 600



Many thanks to the Cambridge for Biden/Harris Coordinating team for all their hard work — and special thanks to Sharon Britton and family who put out emails for the Cambridge for Biden/Harris team (from which we steal freely for this website).

Captain: Nancy Alach
NH Lit Drops:
Maura Pensak

Phone banks: Elizabeth Baldwin, Sara Masucci, Marc McGovern
Postcard/letter writing: Helen Jackson
Social media: Pamela Thilo
Tech support: Bob Mallon and John Patrick
Texting for Biden: Bob Mallon
Volunteer coordination and Communication: Sharon Britton, Rose Hanig, Johanna Schulman


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