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A Quick Morning Meeting
to Help Tenants
Facing Eviction

Sunday October 25, 2020 at 7:00pm


As you probably know, the eviction moratorium in Massachusetts is set to expire on Saturday, Oct. 17th, and there is no indication that Governor Charlie Baker is willing to extend the moratorium even a single day. The Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Trial Court now says our state could see anywhere from 25,000 to as many as 200,000 evictions starting next week.

The Baker administration has announced plans for rental assistance funding, and claims to be "in the process of developing a path to provide legal representation" for tenants facing eviction. But while that path is being discussed, you can be sure that eviction proceedings will plow ahead without adequate legal representation for tenants facing eviction. Even the CDC's eviction moratorium will not stop the proceedings, although execution of final judgments will be delayed through the end of the year.

Our state representatives are fighting to extend the moratorium (shout out to Mike Connolly's recent efforts), and our own Sen. Sal DiDomenico has proposed Senate bill S.913, "An Act to Ensure Right to Counsel in Eviction Proceedings." The Cambridge Ward 3 committee has formally asked the Cambridge Democrats to consider a resolution supporting Sen. DiDomenico's bill before the end of October, and we will do so in a brief meeting Sunday morning, October 25th at 10am.

Sadly we have not turned the corner on COVID, so the meeting will be a Zoom videoconference that you can attend with your computer, tablet, smartphone, or even by calling in on your landline telephone if you're feeling old-school. Details of how to connect to the meeting have been sent to the CDCC email list, and the meeting will also be live-streamed on YouTube Live and Facebook Live if you'd like to watch without participating.

Where and When:

Sunday October 25th at 10:00am
Location is wherever you happen to be!


I. Approve minutes of previous meeting
II. Officer reports
III. Debate and vote on a resolution supporting S.913
IV. There will be no program
V. Announcements
VI. Adjourn

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