CDCC Meeting June 3rd at 7pm on Zoom 

Hello ---- 

Happy Spring everyone! The warm and sunny weather has been wonderful these last few weeks! With summer approaching this will be our last full City Committee meeting before the fall. 

Here is the calendar

We have several things to cover: We have the two pieces of Unfinished Business, the Proposal that Lesley and several others brought forth and the Select Committee motion. Bill will present the budget for approval and then during the program section, we will have a small group discussion on our community, our 2021 goals and how to prepare for the Elections in 2022.

Where and When:

June 3rd, 2021 at 7pm

Virtual - Zoom registration


      1. Agenda: 
      2. Call of the roll
      3. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting (linked here) 
      4. Reports of officers
      5. Budget Approval - from Treasurer (link here) 
      6. Unfinished business - 
        • Proposal from Lesley 
        • Select Committee Proposal from Poly and Pam<
        • Substitute Amendment for establishing the Bylaws Select Committee
      7. New business 
      8. Program - Community Building 
      9. Announcements
      10. Adjournment

Substitute Amendment:

A substitute amendment to Poly and Pam’s proposal has been written by Elizabeth Baldwin with input and thoughts from those who authored and sponsored the other two Bylaws proposals to establish a Select Committee to review the current Bylaws. 


For this June meeting we are going to have some community building time instead of a speaker or panel in the Program section of the agenda. We will be split into breakout rooms at random with folks who are maybe not in our ward with a fellow CDCC member offering light facilitation. In these smaller groups, we will have a chance to talk to each about why we are involved in activism, share stories on our progressive values, why we are involved in the Democratic Party and more. After the story sharing, each group will brainstorm together our goals for the rest of 2021, how to ground in our values and nuances of our experiences and how to be in community with each other. Each section will be lightly facilitated and with prompts to get the brainstorming flowing. 

See you on June 3rd! 

Elizabeth Baldwin

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